The Round Window was originally formed as a duo in 2018 with Rich and Thomas Lock sharing vocals, guitars and keyboards to explore developing songs that encompassed acoustic, classic, melodic, pop and progressive rock.

A decision was made in the early stages that we wouldn’t try to keep to a defined genre and to let the songs bloom in whichever direction seemed natural, even if there was some deviation in feel and sound. The project was originally intended as a studio only affair and we released an EP in 2019 with additional musicians contributing.

We were joined in 2020 by Jack Lock on drums & vocals and the line-up was completed in 2021 with the addition of David Brazington on guitar and Dietmar Schantin on bass. This has significantly raised the dynamic possibilities of the band and allowed for a deeper exploration of layers and textures in the songs. This line-up recorded the debut album and we are currently working on preparing songs to record the follow up, with recording starting in early November. The band are all based around the Colchester area of Essex.

Rich Lock


Thomas Lock


Jack Lock


David Brazington


Dietmar Schantin